23 de Diciembre de 2011 by Finca la Prudenciana

New Cheeses

Our cheese are elaborated in "La Prudenciana", an agricultural and cattle raising property located in Tembleque, in the core of "La Mancha Toledana", 100 kilometers far from Madrid, through the Andalusia highway, where our cheese factory is available for visits and where our manufacturing process can be known.

We are the fourt generation or the Álvarez Valera family, determined to develop a familiar business, whose origin is the agriculture, complemented later with "manchego" ovine cattle raising. In the beginning of the 80´s, we started the process of transforming milk from these sheep into artisan "manchego" cheese with D.O. (origin denomination meaning a label given in Spain which officially certificates the product´s origin). Since then, we commercialize it with the name: Artequeso.

The experience acquired in the cheese elaboration, added to the clients recognition of Artequeso, cheered us up to expand our range and present a variety or mature cheese made of raw milk from goats and sheep, under the brand Buenalba, with the same quality in terms of selection of the source material and the respect of the artisan tradition of a creful maturation.

Buenalba is at the same time a traditional cheese in the way we produce it and innovative for his composition and looking.


Orange goat´s:
We blended the paprika from "La Vera" and goat raw milk so finally we obtain a gorgeous orange cheese full of flavours and colouring. It a protection film antimould and covered with paprika. Optimun maturation 4-6 months.

Purple goat´s to the wine:
This cheese is especially made to give you an exceptional suprise becouse is really interesting how is the perfect balance between goat raw milk and red wine from Cencibel as a result of combine both together, this only can be possible with the best raw material. The ring has a protection film antimould and covered with red wine, there is not words to describe it, must be tasted. Optimun maturation 6-8 months.

OSheep´s to fine herbs:
An incredible cheese made with the best raw material to build up an outstanding cheese from sheep raw milk and rosemary chopped inside of the cheese, his smell and flavour is special to rosemary, It has a protection film antimould, you never tasted something like this. Optimun maturation 4-8 months.